! Game Guide Update + Ninja Master Fix !

Ive just added the guide for level 2 of The Goonies, so if you are stuck on this level go have a looksie.
Some more Games have been added too, including Defender and Gyruss, so that should please plenty of folks.


! Game Guide !

Just a quick update about a new section I just added for Game Guides which shows you how to do the first level of The Goonies. More levels will be added soon... you didnt think I would tell you how to do every level did you, that would be cheating :) This is just to show you what the game is about, and what to expect in later levels.


! Yet More Games !

8 more games show their smashing face for you to enjoy. One of which I played as a kid but could never remember the name of, but I somehow stumbled across it when I was looking for more games to be added. That game is Ninja Master and it is a sweet Fighting Game. It may be incomplete (only one disk is available) but I will fix that when I find the 2nd disk.
Also added is a request from an avid reader named 'The Relentless', who reccomended the game Archon. Glad he did as its a pretty cool Chess style game, where you have to actually defeat your opponent when you 'take' their piece. Pretty smart.
Theres also all 3 Pac-Man games for you to leech.. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. Get them while theyre hot.


! More Games !

Ive just added 10 more games for you to enjoy. Some of these I owned as a kid and bring back fond memories, so here they are for you too. Some are classics, others are not but are good anyway, so try them out.


! Atari 800 Tribute Site is open for business !

Welcome to the Atari 800 Tribute site hosted here on Emulator Unlimited.

This site is dedicated to that 80's computer system The Atari 800 and its variations (XE/XL) and will provide you with everything you need to appreciate this fine computer system on the emulators available. To start off with, I have included 10 damned fine Game Images for you to enjoy on the Game Index which truly offer fantastic playability. Also in the Emulators Section you will find what I think is the best Emulator available for the Atari 800. Enjoy it.


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