+ Move the chair in Figure 1, underneath the steps as shown in Figure 2
+ Climb the steps and position yourself in front of the Money machine as shown in Figure 3. This will cause the Lady to come running out to catch the money
+ Select the other player (Fire Button) and move him behind the water tank as shown in Figure 4. Jump to the right, which will knock the water over putting out the fire and creating a hole in the floor. Go down through the hole
+ Select the other player again, and the moment a note of money is pressed (Figure 5), run like the clappers towards the hole in the floor as shown by the green line
+ Move both of the players to the right hand side of the screen as shown in Figure 6
+ Level Completed


+ Go across following the green line as shown in Figure 1, being careful not to get crushed by the 3 falling blocks, and avoiding the bat which appears from the top left of the screen
+ With the character now at the end of the line in Figure 1, the block will rise up as shown in Figure 2 allowing you to go across to get the key. Take the other character who should still be at the start of the screen, and go across the water in the centre of the screen, avoiding the falling watter in the buckets. This takes some getting used to as Left moves you right, and vice versa
+ Once you are across the water, jump over the top of the ladder, and jump up to grab the pipe abive and shimmy across to get the key, as show in Figure 3
+ Once the key is got, the door opens up at the bottom left of the screen, so peg it down following the green line as shown in Figure 4 for both players
+ Level Completed

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